Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling about 3 kids lighter this morning...

Today the kids went back to school.
How do I feel about it?
Eh, it's alright, I guess.
I dropped them off and then came home.
I sat on the couch and heard...nothing.
I puttered around the house for a minute,
ending up in my bedroom.
It was so quiet.
So peaceful.
At that point, the beauty of the situation 
fully presented itself in my mind.
And then, it came:
A joyous release!

In all seriousness, I know by November I'll be sick of mundane routines, early mornings, homework and reading.  But no worries - by then Brett and I will be packing for our CRUISE to the Caribbean!
So you see, I have every reason to feel pretty darn good about life right now.

The first day of school always starts with a hearty breakfast.
(Enjoy it kids, tomorrow and nearly every day after that is cereal or yogurt.)
 French Toast Roll ups, Fruit, Sausage, Eggs, and Juice.
Our brains are nourished and ready to learn!

And then, of course, the kids are forced
to pose for the obligatory "first-day photo".

Here, they are "too cool for school":

Silly faces:

Let's be serious and smile:

As a kid I always looked forward to the 
first day of school with great anticipation.

Looks like not much has changed!
Hope Sig1

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Colette said...

Oh I love this blog post. I felt the same way. Summer was WAY to long for this mom. Love ya sister

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