Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kuh-Rah-TAY! (Still working up to chopstick-catching-flies...)

 After trying many different things (soccer, baseball, blah-blah-blah) we have FINALLY found something Carson is not only interested in, but passionate about.  He's been doing Mushin Self-Defense karate with Sensei Bryan for a couple months now and he takes it pretty seriously.  In a short amount of time he's already earned 2 stripes for his white belt.  One more stripe and he'll be able to test for his yellow belt - his first advancement!  We're very excited!

 Other than a slight crush on Ralph Macchio 25 years ago [really, that long?!], I've never had too much of an interest myself in the art of karate, but watching Carson take such a serious, devoted interest - seeing him develop what could be a great talent - is heaven-sent for us.  We've struggled for a while to find anything he could feel special about, feel proud of, and now it's here.  
I also love that each week, 
Sensei asks the boys repeat 2 things.
First, their motto (the 3 R's):
"Respect for yourself, 
Respect for Others, 
and take Responsibility for your actions"
in addition to the Golden Rule
"Treat others the way you want to be treated"

It's been a challenge to find ways to get through to Carson, to help him feel responsible for his choices as well as feeling compassion to others.  Having these phrases to fall back on, even outside of karate in our parenting, has been an immense blessing, as he's realizing the accountability and power that is within himself to be greater than he currently is.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity he's had to do this, and hope it will continue to be a positive influence in his life!

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Joleen Kremin said...

GO CARSON! Way to be a hero!

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