Tuesday, April 29, 2008

got worms?

So last week I was planting strawberries that were given to me by our sweet neighbor, Kami, who had received a bunch from her parents' yard and had extra. The box that they came from was full of dirt and...worms! I pointed this out to Halle, who immediately was drawn to the little critters. While I planted, she dug around in the dirt for a good hour, playing with her new "friends", as she called them. She played what she described "Worm Hide & Seek"...letting them crawl into the dirt and then she'd try to find them again. She loved feeling them crawl up her arm and watch them squirm in the palm of her hand, even though she had her gardening gloves on. She named them, too! It was so cute. I must admit a part of me felt kind of sad momentarily. In the neighboring yards I could hear kids playing with each other, chasing each other, laughing, etc. And yet here was my daughter, playing alone with her new pet worms. Then I had to remind myself that she seemed perfectly content and happy, and so it didn't matter who she played with, as long as she was having a good time! Here are some pictures of my "Worm Expert"!


Brian & Heidi Haas said...

That is wonderful...yucky worms. LOL - I got a kick out of it because growing up we would play with those kinds of creepy crawly things too...worms, frogs, lizards you name it. At least she was having fun!

Lindsay Taft said...

Haha - that's awesome!

audri jo said...

Hope! I found your blog off Jo's...and since you're a self-proclaimed non-expert facebooker, I decided we should be blogging friends instead. Plus this way I get to see pictures of your CUTE family. Your little Halle...WOW, she's adorable! SO FUN to be in touch with you again :)

Kami said...

No need to be sad! My Carson did the same thing with our worms. I was actually happy that he wasn't afraid of them!

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