Friday, April 25, 2008

"The Wiz"

Here are some pictures from Halle's latest play at Rodgers Memorial Theatre, "THE WIZ". It's a version of "The Wizard of Oz" (or as I told my parents, "The Wizard of Oz" on crack). No, seriously, it's really cute. My "crack"-crack (ha ha) was a result more from the munchkins in munchkinland...they're all hippies. Anyway, Halle's part was playing "Bitty Crow" and she was so cute! Bitty Crow is the smallest little crow in a band of birds that taunt and tease the scarecrow. Halle played her with a lot of sass and spunk. Her costume was so cute. When she came out on stage and delivered her first line, you could hear the audience go, "Ahhhhhh", as in "HOW CUTE IS THAT LITTLE GIRL?!"
My parents drove out to see her Saturday performance and Brett's folks went last night. We're so blessed to have grandparents that support their granddaughter in such a big way. It may seem small to them, but it means the world to her! Brett's younger sister has a lead in the play, but she was in a different cast, so Brett went to cheer for Aunt Heidi on Tuesday night. He said Heidi did a great job and he thought she was definitely one of the best singers in the group! Halle gave a great performance last weekend and last night and has learned a lot in her theatre class. We may take a break from it next year and then go back another time, but whether we do or not, I'm sure she's got more "Rodgers" in her future! Way to go, sweetie!


Annie said...

What a talented girl! She sure is a cutie!

Luke&Jen said...

What a fun thing for Hallie to be involved in. She sure is a cute little bitty crow.

Lindsay Taft said...

Halle, you looked absolutely beautiful! Your costume was even cuter than I pictured it - I bet you were the cutest little crow on the stage!

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