Thursday, April 24, 2008

more night terrors

this is our 2nd night of frequent night-terrors (frequent is defined as nights with 3 or more). i just put him back to bed after a bad one. took him twenty minutes to fully wake up, count the number of fingers i'm holding up and to recognize me. usually when i get into his bedroom he's screaming but sitting up with his eyes open. this time he was still lying down but thrashing his body all about and his scream was more of a loud grunt, over & over & over. gotta give the kid credit for at least dishin' out some variety.
sorry. bad joke.
hopefully it'll be better tomorrow night.


Meg'n'Josh said...

Ugghh...night terrors are the worst! Both my boys went through them and it's so sad and frustrating not being able to do much. I hope they end soon!!!

Brandis said...

Poor little guy! (and poor sleep-deprived Mommy!) We haven't had to deal with night terrors (knock on wood) but I have a friend that was telling me just last week that her daughter has been having them. Good luck with that, I can imagine that must be frustrating!

Lindsay Taft said...

Ahh, I thought you were through w/ these! Poor little duder! I hope you're able to figure this out soon - GOOD LUCK!

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