Sunday, October 12, 2008

i believe in miracles.

I know no one but me and my brood are going to be interested the below slideshow, but after listening to this song for the first time on Brady's blog ("Miracle" by Celine Dion), I was moved to tears and couldn't resist putting together some pictures of my very favorite little ones.

The very fact that Heavenly Father would trust me to care for these three incredibly special, beautiful spirits, is truly a miracle. They are a reminder to me everyday of all the good to be found in life.

I love my miracles.


Josephine said...

Literally the windows of heaven have been opened to you. What a wonderful gift.

The Hoopers said...

Hope, this is Beautiful!

The Bennetts said...

You are right about our children being miracles. Even just getting them here is a miracle. They are such a blessing in our lives and we can just hope and pray to take good care of them.

Tami said...

Love this song! Love your slideshow. They really are priceless angels!

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