Saturday, October 25, 2008

Totally STOKED!

So I just found out from some news that has made my year! Brian Stokes Mitchell, along with Edward Hermann (remember him? The rich husband of Goldie Hawn in "Overboard"?), are going to be the guests of honor performing at the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert. If you are a broadway buff when it comes to music, you'll no doubt recognize the name. If you are not familiar with Brian Stokes Mitchell, I'm honored to be the one to introduce you to him. (Click on his name above to hear him sing from last year's Tony Awards. Or, listen to the second song on my playlist "Some Enchanted Evening".) I first heard B.S.M.'s clear baritone voice when I was a 17 and I bought the soundtrack to the broadway play, "Kiss Of the Spiderwoman". I had bought it because I was a big fan of Vanessa Williams, but soon found that the tracks I played most were those with the handsome, charismatic Mr. Mitchell taking the lead. Seriously, his voice makes me nearly weep. His velvety pipes are so rich, so smooth, so distinctive, so smart. He has a sound that touches me very deeply--causing me to close my eyes and get wrapped up in it all.
I enjoy the Christmas Concert every year, and always want to go, but this year...this year my desire is tenfold! I am determined to get tickets to the MoTab concert. You have to register here (or call 1-866-LDS-TIKS) between this Saturday (Oct. 25) and Nov. 4, and then registrees will be chosen at random. If you have no interest in attending the concert yourself (to which I say, "WHAT?!") and you wouldn't mind helping me out, please register (only one registration allowed per household) and should you be the lucky duck that gets tickets...if you're not going to use them, I would love them! Seeing him, hearing him, in person would just be...sigh...I can't even describe it.
P.S. PBS has a DVD version of "South Pacific" starring B.S.M., Reba McEntire, and Alec Baldwin. Seems like an odd combination, I know, but trust me: if you like musicals, or good music in general, you'll love this production! Don't beleive me? Click on the link and put it to the test. So entertaining and top-notch!


jakenapril said...

Okay Hope, I'm all registered so I'll let you know the results after Nov. 10th. Good Luck! P.S. Depending on which tickets I get (and I will get them!) you may have to let me tag along. That's just a stipulation if I win them for you! ha ha ha

Josephine said...

I registered for you... hope you like the day I picked.

Annie said...

Good luck! I hope you get the tickets! Chris has been trying to get some for us too.
p.s. Feel free to come visit us anytime and check out our tile! We are 'supposed' to be in by the 3rd. We'll see if that happens, there is still a lot to get done.

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