Sunday, January 25, 2009

3..2..1..Happy New Year!

To help us ring in the new year, we invited some very FUN and fabulous friends from the neighborhood over for a party. Some friends were new, some not-so-new, but now they are all dear to our hearts! It was pretty low-key...just games and food...but wonderful to spend that time with people so worth being around. We wanted them to feel free to invite their kids, and we also wanted our kids to have fun on New Year's Eve, so we did something we've never done for a party before: we hired a sitter. Cami is our kids' favorite "night-time" sitter and I say selfishly NO, I WILL NOT GIVE YOU HER NUMBER! We want her all to ourselves! She rode herd on the kids up in the playroom, feeding them treats, playing games with them, and helping them have a good time. It was a bit of a splurge to hire a sitter on a holiday, but let me just say it was WELL-WORTH IT! I highly recommend it! And in the end our friends that brought their kids generously pitched in--thanks guys, that was certainly not expected! Thanks for celebrating '08 and welcoming '09 with us! Maybe we'll have to do it again next year!
So 6 years ago, our friends Jesse & Ely introduced us to a the New Year tradition of eating 12 grapes (one for each month of the year) within the first minute for good luck..Here's Jenny, Brandon, Dave, and Heather getting those grapes down so their wishes could come true! Technically, it wasn't midnight (seriously, how can anyone with kids stay up that late? We counted down at 10:00. We might be pansies, but at least we're well-rested ones!) I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but we were too busy having fun!

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