Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pre-Christmas, Part Deux

Here are some more pictures of our celebrations prior to Dec. 24th:

Kremin GNO
@ Gardner Village & Cocoa Caffe
(a li'l coffee shop that has the richest, most gourmet hot chocolate I've ever had in my life. It really deserves it's own post, but I'll just tell you it's fab-u-lous. It tastes like they made your hot cocoa from a melted candy bar and when you reach the end of your cup, it's just about that thick at the bottom. It's a homey, quiet place, with a fireplace, and tables with board games you can play. Very cute! Check it out--about 9th S. and 250 E. It would be the perfect place to end a datenight.)
Why is it when grown women get together
the kids in them come out in full swing???
Sweet Brady and me.
Wasatch Front Kremin Christmas Bash
Wendy was the only one who brought "good" white elephant gifts,
so she was a little disappointed to find her gift was toothpaste.
Can you believe Nathan didn't care for the bacon-air freshener we bought?
Jo's gift was classic! Cass & Chris gave her water,
ice cube trays, and detailed (and funny!) instructions
on how to make ICE. We may just have to use this next year...
Chris got a bucket. And then creative.
P.S. Watch for him on American Idol this season!!!

Knock-knock. Who's there? Special delivery!
Faith & Les had our name this year in the Kremin sibling-exchange.
They sent us this beautiful (and yummy-smelling) live centerpiece.
I cannot tell you how fun it was to have
"flowers" delivered at my doorstep! It made my day
and each day after that! We had several parties
at our house this year (4), and so it was AWESOME
to have something this gorgeous on the table each time.
Taft Family Christmas Eve Brunch
It's been so fun having John & Dixie learn the guitar.
The kids loved singing Christmas songs with Grandma's ukulele!
We went in with Ty and Lindz to get Dad some blinged out hubcaps for his golfcart! (OK, maybe they weren't all "bling", but they were definitely shiny and will help pimp-out his golfing wheels!
Bauerle Family Christmas Party
Betty and her family put together a fun party this year!
We sang "The 12 Days of Christmas" which is one
of my very favorite Christmas things to do, and the kids
had a blast pinning the stars on the Christmas tree.
Christy Barton was a hoot as our "Family Feud" gameshow host!
Jace, who no longer calls me Aunt Shupe, sadly
More than cousins...FRIENDS!
It was entertaining to watch the cousins have such a blast with one another.
I love that Morgan & Halle have fun together!
Morgan is the sweetest, cutest girl...
I wish they lived closer, but hopefully
we can get together this summer.
Cherry Hill, maybe????
The Bauerle Great-Grandchildren...
or at least the majority of them--some there
and just not in the picture, and some
were just not there (we missed you, Jenny & Luke!)
The love of my life. Isn't he gorgeous???

Here are the kids singing @ the Bauerle party.

A Ukulele Christmas

Halle's 1st-Grade class learned Jingle Bells in Spanish
and performed it for the entire school. On Christmas
Day, she and Brett sang it for Uncle Tanner in Brazil.

Chris does a spot-on killer impersonation of singer
Aaron Neville. He & Cassidy had had a pretty terrible
day prior to coming to the Kremin party, so I think
that sort of affected his performance here. It wasn't
the best impression I've seen/heard him do, but still
it was pretty good. His "microphone" is a bottle of
Authentic Anti-Monkey Butt Powder (my white elephant
gift from Chris and Cass). And the thing he's holding up to his
head? He claims that's Neville's famous mole.
Finally, yes, I know it's sideways...about half-way through
I realized that I can't film video that way. A duh-moment.


Annie said...

That hot chocolate sounds spectacular! It was fun seeing you at the family party!

Jen said...

All of your pre-Christmas adventures sound like a blast! I'm going to have to try that hot chocolate sometime and the white elephant gift exchange sounds like a hoot! How fun! We sure missed seeing everyone at the Bauerle party. It's hard to live far enough away that we can't make it to all of the fun family functions.

Josh and Kristen said...

Happy to read a post! I love checking up on you! I totally missed out on the GNO.

Wendy Kremin said...

I really did LOVE the toothpaste. I must have been making an ugly face for another reason. :) I hope we can see you guys again before next Christmas! Love,Wendy

Barton Family said...

OH how funny is that Aaron Neville impersonation!! I keep watching this over and over cuz it makes me chucle so hard!
Good to see you at the Christmas party!

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