Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holes? What holes?

Why do donuts have holes?
Apparently because I've eaten all the middles.
Tonight I may or may not have eaten all but four of the bag of donut holes I may or may not have purchased "for the family". I may or may not tell you how many were in the bag originally.
More than 17 and less than 19.
After yet another stressful and futile court date with our water softener company ASS-pen Water (sorry. yes, sometimes I have a potty-mouth), I was on my way home from the Justice Center and had to go to Dick's Market for some last-minute items I needed for tomorrow night's New Beginnings (Young Women stuff). I decided I was hungry and grumpy (call me naive, but I honestly didn't expect people actually lied in court after swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth) . Anyway, I came to the conclusion that eating my emotions sounded the most appetizing.
So I left my spot in the check-out line and didn't bat an eye as I calmly and collectively ordered more-than-17-and-less-than-19 bites of "Ahh...that's better".
My emotions were delicious.
Don't you judge me now.


Brett said...

Thats my little potty mouth! Nothing better than a Dick's Market Doughnut.

LaFawnda said...

Hey, you know that potty mouth and fatty food go great together. Gluttony and Cursing!!!
OK now, You know you feel better and it's out of your system. People are amazing aren't they. I truly believe we are optimistic and believe the best in people so JERKS are impossible. That is why I am no good at comebacks or arguments. I'm still standing there stuck in DUH while someone is being rude or coming up with good quips.
I do believe doing the right thing on our part is always best, then get mad and even.
Stick up for yourself sista!!

Mandy said...

Doughnut holes from Dicks market makes EVERYTHING better. Seriously. I've been known to do the same thing...

Emily said...

I totally get it! Only I won't ever fess up to where the entire bag of donut holes went!

Heather said...

Hope, you're my kind of gal! Now you've got me craving donuts!

Tif said...

I take it that it didn't go well. I'm so sorry. I'm glad the donut hoes were able to sooth the pain a little.

Tami said...

Sorry for the stress! I didn't even have to go to court today to eat a whole batch of cookies by myself! :) What's going on with Aspen Water? Ben knows the owner, he worked with him at Superior Water before he branched off and started his own business.

joyce.kremin said...

Let's see there was 4 holes left, two for you and two for me. I hope you haven't eaten mine too! Can't tell you when I last had a doughnut or even a hole from one. Sounds delicious. Don't worry, down the road you will wonder why that upset you so, something will come along that will be worse. Luv, Mom

Annie said...

Sounds like you deserved a few doughnut holes after that! I hope you get everything sorted out.

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