Friday, August 21, 2009

32, practically 40?

Nevermind Brett's birthday candles. I've been giving him a hard time, telling he's practically MID-thirty, which means he's practically FORTY! Anyway, we had a good laugh when it was time to put the candles on...I didn't have a 3 and a 2, but I did have a 4 and an 0, so "40" ended up on the cake!

Grandma was a good sport and joined our little party. We even had her come a couple hours early for dinner. With LaRee there, we knew this party was really gonna be SWINGIN'! Sometimes she gets little wild and we have to calm her down, but it just wouldn't be the same without her. :)
A few nights earlier, we met up with our dear, dear friends, Troy & Chantelle. They went through the MBA program in AZ with us. You just don't survive that sort of thing together and then part ways. They're stuck with us for good! We had a scrumptious dinner at one of Brett's favorites, Market Street Grill, and then headed over to a comedy club. It was fun to do something different, and extra wonderful to be with them.
Thanks, guys!

We celebrated the anniversary of Brett's birth with the kids at Bountiful Bowl.
Look at Wyatt's face here...I think it's safe to say he hit some pins!

Look @ how Wyatt carried the ball. It weighed almost as much as he did. He'd balance it on his shoulder and practically sway like a drunken sailor to the top of the lane.
Halle gave Brett some pointers.
Carson did a happy dance every time he bowled.
Hal didn't want anything to do with "rolling" the ball down the lane.
She opted for just throwing it out there.
How do bowling lane floors remain undented against
children's bowling techniques???

The kids made home-made gifts for Brett. My personal favorite was Wyatt's earmuffs. He told Brett, "Now when we're noisy, you can put these on so you don't have to listen to us." It was hysterical that he thought of this on his own. We think he should put it on the market. Let "Wyatt's Earmuffs" give the Snuggie a run for it's money on the latenight infomercials!

Halle gave Brett fifty cents.

From his own stash of money.

She's always been generous like that... :)
A homemade "telescope" made from rolled up paper.
A maraca made from two cups taped together
and fruit loops inside.

Hope Sig1

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