Tuesday, August 11, 2009

give me your money, as well as future generation's, but don't ask any questions.

My brother emailed me this little "scenario" and it hit the nail on the head about how I feel about this whole health care reform.

"Customer: I want a better car than the one I have now.

Car Salesman/Obama: You need this school bus over here.

Customer: That isn't what I really want.

Obama: Oh yes, it is.

Customer: Why would I want that?

Obama: Well, it is what the experts from NADA, AARP, and motor trend say you SHOULD be driving.

Customer: Won't it be more expensive than what I have now?

Obama: Yes, but you do not have to pay the difference.

Customer: Who does?

Obama: Your grandchildren.

Customer: How much will my grandchildren have to pay?

Obama: Who put you up to asking that question?

Customer: Nobody but I have a question about efficiency and safety.

Obama: The worst thing you can do is keep your status quo car - if you do not act now, you will be stuck with that.

Customer: You aren't answering my questions.

Obama: Let me be clear, this bus is not trojan horse and it will not kill anyone and you will not go over your budget buying it - I won't let that happen.

Customer: Can't I just fix up my old car?

Obama: Your old car cannot be fixed without buying this bus.

Customer: Are you nuts?

Obama: We can't keep listening to the naysayers and the mechanic's union who must have put you up to this - your attitude is fishy and unAmerican.

Customer: Didn't you used to advocate asking questions of salesmen?

Obama: Yes, but that was when I didn't have this job - now that I have this job, you should just listen to me - now let's talk some more about this bus you need.

Customer: Can I at least see the warranty or the owner's manual or price tag?

Obama: Those have not been written yet and let me repeat, buying this bus will not cause you to need a bigger bus later - trust me.

That's about how this has been. Obama is NOTHING MORE THAN a salesman who is trying to get his foot in YOUR door on health care - do not let him because once he is in he will invite his controlling friends and none of them will ever leave - NO MATTER HOW CHARMING HE IS, IT IS A BAD IDEA TO LET HIM GET HIS FOOT IN THE DOOR."

I'm very disturbed by the footage I've seen and stories I've heard of people being called "unpatriotic" or "unAmerican" simply because they've wanted some detailed answers. I feel this "reform" presented by the Obama Administration is being rushed through without having the opportunity to really be reviewed or understood by those being asked to pass it. What's worse is I feel the urgency behind it is intentional, as though someone's trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I didn't vote for Obama, but I had high hopes for him once he was elected. I chose to see the glass half-full and genuinely wanted him to live up to the potential everyone else seemed to see in him. I'm terribly disheartened as I feel he is already too full of power, full of himself. He hasn't even been in a year and already I fear he's becoming exactly what I'd voted against.
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"The democracy will cease to exist when you TAKE AWAY from those who are willing to work AND GIVE to those who would not."

Thomas Jefferson