Monday, August 10, 2009

breathing lessons.

Mid-July Brett underwent a little procedure. Actually two of them, and they weren't so little. After years of experiencing uncomfortable congestion and even some difficulty breathing, he finally paid a visit to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doc, who informed him his tonsils could win awards for their gargantuan size, and that his nose had a septum that was a bit off track (deviating, you see). Being hit with this double-whammy made him a bit nervous, but thankfully the surgeries went well and we're happy to say he has felt a change. His airways are clearer and who doesn't love a little more O2? Fortunately, his pain level wasn't too high, although having surgery on your nose and having it stuffed tightly with packing is extra-terrible when combined with a tonsillectomy. You can't breathe through your nose, but it hurts to breathe through your mouth. Too bad breathing through our ears wasn't an option. Within a week, however, he felt more like his old self and I think also started feeling glad he'd had the operation (up to that point, that little tidbit was definitely in question). I have to say, I've always felt unnerved any time I've seen a loved one in the recovery room after a surgery. They look so helpless and feeble. My heart swelled with love as I sat with him, waiting for his oxygen levels to get to a point where he could be safely discharged. Here is this man that I love, laying on a table, struggling to overcome the anesthesia that had been administered to him. I knew from the positive reports I'd recieved from the doctor and nurses that all had gone well, and that I really had nothing to be concerned about. But how do you not worry? He truly is my best friend, the love of my life. And as much as he and I joked about how silly it was for him to be nervous for the day of the surgery to arrive, deep down I think I was nervous enough for both of us! Now we're both pleased to have it behind us. Thanks to the operation, we can easily take in a deep breath as we sigh with relief.

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Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

oh my gosh! that looks horrible!

hope he recovers quickly.

love you guys,


ARRON N' L!SA said...

i'm glad everything went good! my mom and aunt had that surgery.

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