Wednesday, September 23, 2009

do U go to PAGO?

A couple weeks ago Jo and I met up for lunch at a new restaurant in her neighborhood called Pago. It was very interesting, a bit schwanky, and gourmETTE, if you know what I mean. The service was horrendously slow, but the food was worth it, not to mention the company! It was wonderful to have some time to ourselves to get caught up and visit. She wet my appetite when she told me all her plans for her upcoming trip to Ireland (from which she has recently returned and has the most incredible photos!). Totally kicking myself for not snagging up the same fabulous deal that she got! Sometimes we've just got to be more spontaneous!!!

Anyway, thanks for the lunch, Jo! Let's go again...I loved it!

P.S. How's your finger? (The Pago chair proved to be malicious as it gave her a nasty, bloody cut!)

Hope Sig1

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Josephine said...

HAHAHA - the finger has now fully healed, what an ordeal that was!

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