Wednesday, December 9, 2009

all I had hoped for, and so much more.

Monday night was incredible. One of those nights you go to bed, snugly & warm in your blankets, with a huge smile of contentment on your face. Brett and I went on a double-date with my parents to see Pioneer Theatre's production of "A Christmas Story". I admit I had high expectations, so high that I was nervous I'd be disappointed. Turns out I had no cause for concern, as it lived up to my ideals. I left the theatre so happy and satisfied, I even made the comment to my dad that it may have been better than the movie. (Gasp! Blasphemy!)
The night started out with a much-craved Greek dinner at Aristos. Yum! Fun to go somewhere "out-of-the-norm". My gyro was divine, Mom's shrimp kabob was delish, and Dad's lamb stew was tender & sweet. I won't even get into the tsatsiki...words can't do it justice! :)
Parking for Pioneer was a nightmare, and stressful. Everyone was in the theatre except me (long story) so I sprinted (I use that word lightly, inasmuch as a 5'5", 170 lb. woman can sprint) from the far end of the Utah Stadium parking lot all the way to the theatre door, where I was informed by a very serious-looking usher that I had 20 seconds to get into my seat before the doors would be locked behind me. Made it by the skin of my teeth! But the point is, we all made it and we're so very glad we did! It was clean, funny, and sweet. We laughed out loud more times than I can count and by the end my dad and I both had tears in our eyes. I'm so glad I could share this experience with my parents.
Black Bart is tough,
Baby-pink Bunny is not.
This scene was obviously a riot, but I wish
I could share a picture of the "soap-poisoning"
melodramatic bit. Too, too, too funny!
"But the bell rang...the bell rang!"
------------------- I think one of the characters I enjoyed most was Mother.
The actress had a very "Joan-Cusack" quality about her.
Here, the Old Man is opening mail that
informs him he's won a "major award".

Let me explain this picture.
I said to Brett, "Try to look like you're in love."
So here's my swooning impression.
He just looks ruggedly handsome.
No, seriously, isn't he gorgeous?
Hate this pic of me, but love it of the folks.
This really was a highlight of my year--
thanks for driving out (braving snow), Mom and Dad!
There's nobody else I'd have rather seen this with.
I love you so much and will never forget that night with you.


Wonderland Girl said...

Wish I could've gone! It was sold out by the time you posted that it was coming. Try to be more on top of that next time, k.

Glad you had fun!

Brynn said...

Aristos is my favorite greek restaurant ever! Looks like a lot of fun!

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