Sunday, December 27, 2009

a letter from Santa 2009:

Christmas morning, we found a sparkly gold letter written on delicate paper, resting on an empty's only company some rogue crumbs from the digested gingersnaps we'd left for him.
* * * * * * * * *
Dear members of the Taft household,

How delightful to come into a home so comfortable and clean! As you were one of my last stops before heading back to the North Pole, I was quite spent and ready to sit for a spell and rest. I had a nice chat with Mistletoe just before I took off for my Christmas Eve flight. He is a good little elf, never complaining about all the traveling he has to do. I want to share with you some observances he made of your family:

Father Taft: Mistletoe could not help but notice what a steady provider you are, working diligently morning to night so that you might offer a comfortable home, nutritious food, and warm clothing for your family. My attentive elf also tells me you like to have fun with your children by teasing or tickling them. They are very fortunate to have you!

Mother Taft: Mistletoe was impressed by the love you have for your children. He also noticed that you work hard to serve delicious meals for your family, but was disappointed that there are times your children do not eat the food you spend so much time preparing. Finally, Mistletoe wanted me to tell you that a few days he sat in high places that were very dusty. He hopes you can clean there a little more often.

Halle: when Mistletoe told me how much you believe in me, I smiled and gave a loud "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Your heart truly holds the spirit of Christmas through your willingness to believe in things that cannot be seen. That is called "faith", my dear child, and I hope you will always be so ready to believe, even if something cannot be proven to you. I have known you for many Christmases and have loved how you want so badly to make good choices. Sometimes you make mistakes, like when you tattle on your brothers or when you are grumpy about doing chores to help around the house, but overall I am pleased with most of the other choices you make and you are definitely high up on my "Nice List"!

Wyatt: What a sweet little boy you are! Mistletoe told me about how hard you worked to make those around you happier. When your mother was resting, you played with her hair or covered her with a blanket. When your brother was sick, you brought him a toy. You have a very caring nature, and for that it was my pleasure to bring you some new toys! Be warned, however, that there have been moments when I thought I might have to put you on my "Naughty List", like when your mother or father has told you to do something, and instead of being obedient, you have said, "no!" and cried. Tantrums are a big NO-NO at the North Pole, so it's a good thing I wasn't there to see it firsthand. Despite your tantrums, however, Mistletoe thought you were a very sweet child, who had earned a surprise or two on Christmas morning.

Carson: Little one, I remember the Christmas you had just been born. I visited your home those three years ago and could not resist sneaking up the stairs into the nursery to kiss your cheek before leaving your house. It was that way thousands of Christmases ago, as well, that I kissed the cheek of a newborn babe who had just arrived on Christmas night. Unlike you, He did not sleep in a crib. Instead he lay in an animal manger filled with straw. Mistletoe tells me you believe in that baby, the one they call Jesus. He also tells me that you love to make Heavenly Father happy by saying your prayers. You are a beautiful child, who loves to play and smile. Sometimes you are slow to be obedient: Carson, you must learn to listen to your mother and father and do what they tell you. Obedience makes us more like Jesus every day. I was excited to bring you these toys and I hope you enjoy them as much as my elves enjoyed making them!

And there you have it--a glowing report given by an elf that has come to love this family very much! He was tired from his journey, but tells me that he is looking forward to next December 1st, when he can once again return to your home and give me word on your behavior. I hope you will have the spirit of Christmas, that is the spirit of Christ, throughout all the year, not just during December. Treat others with kindness, always tell the truth, and listen to the still small voice!

Now, it is only a few hours until sunrise and I must continue on my way. There are still several houses on this street left to visit! But before I leave this home filled with love, I want to thank you for the cookies and cold milk. They proved to be very refreshing after I'd played a few games on the new Wii I left you in the family room.

Merry Christmas, dear ones!



Shafferprincess said...

What an awesome letter! :)

Jen said...

This is ADORABLE!! :) Except I think Santa was a bit too hard on you, Hope. :) I can tell you're a great mom, and I KNOW you're a wonderful woman. Merry Christmas! Loves!

Nickole -n- Kye said...

Santa never left me a letter!!! BUMMER!!!! How neat that you guys have a house elf that has a direct connection with the big man himself!!!

Kristi said...

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

Dixie said...

That was quite a letter that Santa wrote. You could tell he really loves your little family!

Margaret said...

Hope, you are so stinkin' adorable. What a darling mother you are. I also think Mistletoe was too hard on you. :D You make the rest of us look bad. Lol

Kristin said...

Hope, I love your letter from Santa! You are always so creative. What a great idea.

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