Monday, January 4, 2010

Our 2009 Christmas, in pictures...

Bauerle Christmas Party
with my favorite redhead
Christmas Eve Matinee @ Gateway
"Princess & The Frog"
I was kind of proud of the "winter wonderland"
table decorations we had to go with my baby blue china...
Brett, on the other hand, was very proud
of his Honey Baked Ham.
We always eat our Christmas Eve dinner by candelight.
I think it's romantic and sweet.
Wyatt and Halle think it's fun.
Carson thinks it's lame and unnecessary.
The entire meal he kept saying,
"Turn the lights back on and blow out the candles."
Openin' PJ's.
This is the best part of the Christmas experience:
watching their faces and hearing their squeals
as they spot all their loot and surprises!

Santa left us a letter.

He also left us a Wii!
(I never in a million years thought I'd give
into the suggestion of buying a video game system,
let alone have it be MY idea!!!!!)

"Santa brought me a BUZZ just like I asked for!"
Wyatt was super excited to get another Disney CD...
these CDs are great...all your favorite
Disney songs in one place!
They didn't even notice the other stuff at first.
All they could focus on was their PEZ dispensers!
Dear Santa,
after receiving my own Laptop and a new iPod,
I have decided I like being spoiled.
Can't wait to see what you bring next year...

A Fashion Kit for the industry's
next up-and-coming designer!
I love that she loves "Seven Brides"
and the June Allyson "Little Women"!

Burn Notice! YESSSSSS!
Build-a-Bear with Grandpa John!
So super-duper fun!
Wyatt got a Broncos dog named Bob,
Halle got a puppy sewn out of Jonas
brothers fabric named Jo,
and Carson got a Jazz monkey named "Ooh"
(as in "Oooh-oooh-eeeeh-eeeeeh-aaaah-aaaah")


Josephine said...

I always knew that Halle and I were kindred spirits - I also got Seven Brides for Seven Brothers for Christmas!

Aspen said...

My favorite piture is of the one with "Burn Notice" in it. LOVE that show!!

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