Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"I just had the strangest dream..."

Brett has long-since learned when I start a sentence with those words, it's best if he doesn't press me for more information. I admit it. I have the strangest, most outrageous dreams. They cannot be explained and some I'm too embarrassed to confess about, but today's dream was too funny not to share.

I dreamt Ice-T...
...(yes, "Finn" from Law & Order: SVU, which I'm well aware I might be too obsessed about, and this may just be the nail in the coffin for that argument) and I were working a case together involving:
Yes. Melissa Joan Hart. Although in this SVU/HOPE episode, she was back to her "Clarrisa Explains It All" years (remember, Alison???). Anyway, the details are fuzzy, but we're investigating her and suddenly the floor caves in below us and we're left holding onto a water pipe to avoid falling to our deaths.

Yes. Like they held onto in Twister. Except they were trying to stay down, and we were trying to stay up.
We survived, and as we walk away from the rubble, we are suddenly at a carnival. In the center of the carnival is a big meadow where all my family and friends are, and get this, my dad, dressed in a tux, turns in his lawn chair to look at me and is smiling (you'll see why that is inexplicable in the next sentence). We stop walking and Ice-T gets down on one knee, holds up an opened ring box (BLING!), and says, "Please say Yes!"
Yes. Ice-T just proposed. He just popped the question to a white Mormon girl from Utah after a life-altering, Clarissa-Twister-filled survival experience, for which I will most definitely have PTSD and have to receive counseling. I don't say anything (there's that PTSD kicking in), but I am ushered into one of those beach changing room things
(although we're not on the beach, remember. We're at a carnival. With Ice-T and my exuberant Dad). I get in there and see a garment bag hanging on the wall. Ice-T says sweetly through the door, "I took the liberty of picking you a dress."

Yes. It looks like this. Even the hat. I had to laugh out loud when I googled "80's Wedding Dresses" because this image popped up and it's exactly what happened in my dream. As I saved it to my desktop on the computer, I mumbled to myself, "Unbelievable." It really is the spittin' image of my dear Ice-T's selection. Except I didn't have a bouquet, we're at a carnival (not the White Cliffs of Dover), I am not smiling--I am confused--and my groom wasn't blonde.
I put the dress on and then what is happening finally dawns on me. In a fit of rage I storm out of the wooden structure and a confused Ice-T looks at me with a concerned furrowed brow. I start yelling at him that how dare he plan my wedding without me and how dare he make me wear a dress like this!
Then I woke up and couldn't stop shaking my head with a goofy smile plastered on my face.
You know...the "What the heck?" look.
At last I decided to blog about it, just hoping I can give you a goofy smile today, too.
You're welcome.

Hope Sig1
(or one WEIRD gal, however you look at it)


Shafferprincess said...

LOL! Very nice, Hope. Very nice.

I've had some weird dreams too - dreams that include Pres. Monsen, a broken leg (his), and General Conference being held outside in a carnival (complete with Pres. Uchdorf eating cotton candy) while I play the big organ inside the Conference Center and watch myself on tv.

I had several along those lines when I was pregnant with Connor. Weird hormones.

Annie said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

LaFawnda said...

what DID you have for dinner?

Margaret said...

Nice! My only real question is why weren't you freaking out that you were going to marry Ice-T and not Brett. I usually have wacky dreams when I'm pregnant thankfully.

Wonderland Girl said...

The illustrations help so much, Hope. I give my sister that tip because when she goes off on her dreams which are kinda similar to this I kinda tune out. But the pictures helped me focus. :) Thanks.

You know, I kinda wish I had more weird dreams. I'm boring even in my sleep!

Josephine said...

Oh I heart you!

The Hoopers said...

Hee hee hee, you can always crack me up...and yes, I think you're crazy. Thanks for sharing

Kim J said...

That is SO awesome! I'm a sucker for Ice-T too...Haven't dreamt about him yet...that I remember, but I've had some wacky dreams myself! Thanks for sharing!=)

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