Monday, January 18, 2010

can i take the heat? i can november-to-march!

With our very dear neighbors making a move to Yuma, Arizona this week (so sad to have them leave!), it's got my heart remembering our four years living in Mesa. I was hesitant to move to Arizona when Brett first approached me about the idea back in '03, but I can say with confidence that both of us loved our time there. We grew as a family, we grew as individuals, but we especially grew as a couple there. We made wonderful friends, lifelong friends. We came to love the area and the landscape--I still have yet to see a sunset with colors as bold and bright as the ones we saw with the setting sun there!
Here are some of the things I miss most:
Brimhall Pool
We loved this community pool and spent lots of time there.
It was clean, offering activities for any age, and was a great escape from the summer sun!
Payson, AZ
For a couple years, we made a traditional trek up to the cool mountain town of Payson to celebrate the 4th of July. It's so hot in the summer, that it's really not enjoyable to watch fireworks in Phoenix! Payson is so cute and charming, and GORGEOUS. The area resembles in many ways the mountains near my hometown, so when I was feeling homesick, or needing to see fall foliage, this is where we'd go. We always stayed at the Days Inn motel, and I'm assuming I could still recommend it. Very clean, very reasonable. The second year we went, we talked Charles & Melody Bearman into coming with us--we visited Tonto Natural Bridge State Park and hiked the Waterfall Trail.

On Independence Day a local Christian Church throws a fundraiser at the park with games and activities for the kids. Then they put on THE BEST fireworks show with music (still have yet to see one that compares); bright colors exploding over the lake. (Those poor ducks didn't know which way to go to escape the loud booming!) Hard to believe Autumn and Alex are TEENAGERS now!

All of these girls have really grown up!

The Plants & Flowers
I miss the flora and fauna of the desert. I always felt like "the desert" was my least favorite landscape--I had considered it drab and boring. However, I now miss those beautiful, tropical plants that were all around Phoenix--I especially miss the bright pink and orange hibiscus flowers! (This is Halle on the 1st day of little!)
We miss being so close to California!
It was wonderful living in small enough proximity
that you could easily make San Diego a simple weekend excursion!


Probably what we miss most is of course the WINTER WEATHER! We miss Trick-or-Treating or putting up Christmas lights IN SHORTS! I thought I'd really miss the snow, that Christmas wouldn't feel the same without the white wonderland... Then you experience 7-8 months of near-perfect weather and that all goes out the window.
It was gorgeous!
This is how we spent our 2005 Christmas Eve Day -
running around the park in short sleeves!
You can see the temperature on
our car thermometer...a balmy 80 degrees!

So if the Butlers (our departing neighbors) are reading this, just know that although we'll miss you, we're a bit jealous, because weather-wise you are in for a treat! Yes, the summers are stifling and sometimes nearly are cooped up inside (much like the winters here) but now your "miserable" weather only lasts 3-4 months instead of the 6 months of COLD we have in Utah! You'll love Arizona. You'll love the people and the community, you'll love being close to Cali, you'll love the new variety of plants, and you'll be grateful for the growth you experience.
We know we did!
Hope Sig1

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Tif said...

Okay, you are making me miss Arizona like crazy!!! I served my mission there and if it weren't for great family here I wouldn't have come back. It's my kind of place. I love everything about it.

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