Friday, December 4, 2009

and it begins.

the very crazy, constant holiday schedule.
it's busy, it's nuts, it's exhausting,
but it sure is fun and only comes around once a year.
i love it!

dec. 4: halle's dance performance at festival of the trees
dec. 5: a.m.-work party, p.m.-ward party
dec. 6: a.m.-church, afternoon-practice for
musical numbers, p.m.-carson's birthday party
dec. 7: a.m.-shopping with mom!,
p.m.-"a christmas story" at pioneer theatre
dec. 8: p.m.-relief society meeting
dec. 9: p.m.-mutual at my house
dec. 10: p.m.-heritage place party
or dry pack canning
dec. 11: p.m.-motab & natalie cole
dec. 12: a.m.-shopping with kids
dec. 13: a.m.-church, p.m.-taft family party
dec. 14: whew! first day with absolutely
nothing slated on the calendar...
at least, not yet!


Wonderland Girl said...

HOW WAS A CHRISTMAS STORY? And I think you should slate Visit Vernal in Dec. 14. Just sayin.

Jen said...

This ought to be easy-peasy after all our years of living the HiLites Christmas schedule! :)

Jen said...

(Or at least you've already had practice at living through ridiculously busy Decembers.)

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