Friday, December 11, 2009

a sign your kids watch too much t.v.

a conversation overheard at the breakfast table:

Wyatt: "Halle! Guess what? That show we wanted to watch is on tonight!"
Halle: "How do you know?"
Wyatt: "Because I was watching cartoons upstairs and saw a commercial for it. On the commercial I read the word 'tonight'!"
Halle: "Awesome! What time is it on?"
Wyatt: "Eight, Seven-Central."
Halle: "Awesome!"

Only a true T.V. junkie quotes time in time-zones.

Hope Sig1


Tif said...

That's a good one! i love it!

Brett said...

That's My boy!!!!

Josephine said...

I think its a sign that he is aware of the complexities of national time constraints on television producers, he's probably gonna be a millionaire one day.

Kami said...

hilarious kids!

Emily said...

Oh Dear! You have the cutest kids EVER!

LaFawnda said...

He's the kind of kid that will have time zones all figured out and teach the class.
Way to go Wy.

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