Thursday, February 18, 2010

just 'cuz

Just for the heck of it, Mom and I decided to use a couple of our free Southwest Airlines tickets for a fun weekend getaway in warm & sunny Arizona. Mom spent some time with her sister Myrtle in Peoria and I split my time between Myrtle and my dear friends in Mesa that I left behind when we moved back to Utah in '07.
These girls mean the world to me--and now are endeared to me even more for setting aside their evening to join Amanda and I for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (Gecko Grill) that I've been craving since we left (mmm....their shrimp & mango quesadilla...mmm...)!
Jenny Lynn, Carrie Bennett, me, Kristin Farnsworth, Melody Bearman, Amanda Beebe


I couldn't believe how Mel's girls had grown! Alex (left) used to babysit for us during piano lessons for 2 years (from when she was 10-12) and I taught Autumn (between Mel & me) piano when she was 8! Now they are both gorgeous, sweet young women!

A highlight of my day was finally meeting Amanda's baby, Emily

So sweet! So beautiful!


Here's the exit on "the 60" (freeway)

that we used to take to get home.

Then left on Baseline,
Straight through Farnsworth/Sunland Village,
Right onto Hawes,
Keep headin' South on Hawes, Pass the church,

Left on Medina,
Right on Eugene,

Left on Meseto, and keep on goin'...almost there...

Until the corner of Joslyn & Meseto, 2425 S. Joslyn to be exact!

The best part of visiting the old neighborhood was seeing how much the trees have grown in just 3 years! Especially the Mexican Fan Palm that Brett and I had planted in the backyard corner. At that time it was just this little tree that looked more like a bush. Now it's over the fence!

I've missed all the palm trees!


Washburn Piano on Val Vista road is where I had my piano recitals


I had been so-looking forward to attending the Mesa Temple. It's such a beautiful building, inside and out, and February is a perfect time to visit. 70 degrees, the flowers all in bloom (and smelling divine!). I saw five brides getting their picture taken!

I was very grateful Amanda set aside her Saturday to spend the day with me, and to her husband Doug for being so willing to stay home with the kids while we went out and played!

The sky was so breathtakingly blue it brought tears to my eyes!

Thanks for going with me, Mom! I loved spending that time with you, laughing on the plane, in the airport, in our hotel room, with Ethel (the trusty GPS) in the rental car, and every where else that we squeeze in a good chuckle. You make a great best friend! Plus, you make me feel less guilty eating pecan cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. (***stomach growls***)



Ohhh i am so glad you got to go back, don't you love going back to your old home. Thats what its like going back to Germany so i felt for you. what a cute blog post and what a fun time you had in AZ.

The Kings said...

hey!!!! Cool blog!!! You kept that one secret from me till now :)
Will be nice getting to know you and your family more.
Now I want to figure out how to put that little blurb above under 'leave your comment'.

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