Thursday, February 11, 2010

update on Dad.

Much to our relief, the angiogram showed that there was nothing wrong with Dad's heart. I'm so grateful, as I'm not sure what the future would have brought had there been complications with the ol' ticker. That still leaves the question, however, of what is causing his arm to be in pain. He's got an appointment with his family doctor in Vernal, who will hopefully run some more tests. I suggested he have an x-ray, thinking perhaps he's done something to it without realizing. Dad seems to think there may be some nerve damage or the likes. As frustrating as it is to not have answers, and as painful as it is to not have relief from the discomfort in his arm, I feel blessed and so very thankful it's not heart-related.


Wonderland Girl said...

glad to hear! thank goodness. hope his arm feels better soon.

Heather said...

Good to hear your dad's OK.

On a separate note, we also love books in our home and go to the Centerville library about every other week. We'd love to coordinate sometime and go together.

Megs said...

So glad to hear the heart is good. :) And hopefully you'll/he'll have some answers soon about his arm. Miss seeing you!

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