Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Story About Silly Village People

One day Daddy had to work late, Mommy was feeling guilty
about how grumpy she had been.
Snapping and yelling waaaaaay too much,
she decided to make it up to her three silly angels
by taking them out for "breakfast" at Village Inn for their dinner.
The food took a long time to come.
So we found ways to entertain ourselves with Mommy's camera:
Hope Sig1


Josephine said...

Oh how fun - I wish I had been there! These are the moments that make me SUPER jealous!

Wonderland Girl said...

hahaha love it!

LaFawnda said...

Halle, you look like an old man, silly girl.
Wyatt, you look like a LIZARD, SSSSSSSSS.
Carson, your teet look invisible. Are you magic?
I love you little people. You are AWESOME.

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