Tuesday, March 23, 2010

can we do this every night?

Last night 4:30 rolled around and I wondered what to make for dinner. Nothing sounded good, so I made an executive decision -- loading the kids into the car (yes, Wyatt in his sweat pants and Halle sportin' her end-of-day-hairdo and me still wearing the shirt with the sleeve that the mailbox snagged a new hole into) and called Brett, informing him to meet us at Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse. He happened to be with his Dad, so I invited my in-laws along and we all had a delicious meal. Of course, the "piece de resistance" was the melt-in-your-mouth Roadhouse Rolls accompanied by their sinful cinnamon butter, second only to the great conversation and fabulous company!
After dinner we headed over to Brett's parents to check out their new camper they got for their truck. Times like those I was wishing I had my camera. It's pretty sweet--it can sleep about 3 adults plus a child, has a bathroom, and surprisingly, lots of cabinet & storage space, given it is a camper that sits on the bed of a truck. It definitely gave me the camping bug and I'm so glad summer is right around the corner!
We really had a great evening, despite the chilly rain! The only downside to eating out yesterday is that now I can't pull that card tonight. I'll actually have to make something. We've got Steak Fajitas with Corn Salsa on the menu, but after last night's rolls, anything I create won't stand a chance!

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Heather said...

We also LOVE Texas Roadhouse. We should make it a date sometime.

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