Monday, March 15, 2010


What was my favorite:
Candy Bar - snickers, kit kat, baby ruth, nerds, chocolate twizzlers (I really loved candy...)

Dinner - mom's spaghetti, chinese food, seafood, steak, pork chops with rice & gravy, Navajo tacos (I really loved food...)

Breakfast - Crepes with applesauce

School Lunch - mac & cheese, hands down!

Teacher - Kathy Erskine (3rd & 5th Grade), Gail Olson (8th Grade)

Recess Game - Swings, Jump Rope

Subject - English/Writing

Friend - Alison & my nieces that were my age

Pasttime - Barbies, Playing at the Discovery Elementary playground
(I was so lucky to live across the street from my elementary school!), watching T.V. while standing on my head (I know...that's so weird. I think it kind of bugged my mom, too.). I watched Smurfs, He-Man, Scooby Doo, Saved By The Bell

* * * * * * * *
What was my least favorite:
Food - fish (the bones grossed me out) & at the time Clam Chowder (hated the "chewy" clams)

Subject - Math

School Lunch - pretty much anything other than their mac & cheese. And I hated (still hate) drinking milk from the cardboard milk boxes.
School Lunch=Blech. I was a big "home lunch" girl with my Pound Puppies lunchbox. I remember enjoying bologna sandwiches with lots of mustard, taking boiled eggs, and kiwi.

Teacher - Mrs. Hardy-Har-Har. At least that's what we called her. Looking back now, I'm sure she was very nice, but in 4th Grade she came across as extremely strict and yelling a lot. The other teacher, who I can say was NOT very nice, but rather perverted, was Mr. Sucher from 8th grade. Talk about heeby-jeebies...


Josephine said...

I can't even think of a Mrs Olsen from 8th grade... what did she teach? And I agree whole heartedly on Mr Sucher - that guy was nuts!

Wonderland Girl said...

I hate milk cartons too. they're wrong.

I don't know a Mr. Sucher.
I guess we both didn't love 4th grade! :)

The Hoopers said...

This is cute! I agree with those yucky milk cartons. I did drink it when it was chocolate milk, but thats it.

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