Monday, March 1, 2010

he might be ready for the next step, but am I?

On his own, Carson snooped in the basket full of clean laundry and helped himself to a pair of Wyatt's underwear. Slipping them over his diaper, he walked around like a proud peacock for the next thirty minutes. Forget the fact he put them on backwards...he was quite pleased with himself to think he was wearing big boy underwear.

He's expressing a lot of interest lately in potty training (once he even went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet (with his diaper on) and when I went in and asked him what he was doing, he said, "The pee was coming out of my bum so I got on the potty." don't have to hit me on the head with a hammer. A roll of toilet paper will suffice.
I know I've been ignoring the signs and procrastinating the starting of this process...
But I guess it's time I stop putting it off and maximize on his interest. Maybe that's how we'll be spending our March...

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Tami said...

We started potty training just today! I was putting it off too! With the first, I was so eager to get him potty trained but now that I know what it consists of, I've definately been procrastinating! Good luck! =)

LaFawnda said...

Wow, he might figure it out really quick. The positive thoughts are flowing your way. Way to go Carson, you are awesome!!!

Rachel Nelson said...

Haha I love Carson's model pose! It sounds like he's ready--good luck!

Wonderland Girl said...

don't. envy. you.

good luck!

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