Sunday, October 31, 2010

General Conference October 2010

As always General Conference in October was enlightening and again amazed me with how so many different speakers' chosen words can come together so well! I was especially interested in how often the "14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet" came up. Our Conference weekend was filled with munchies and treats (veggie platters, fresh fruit, smoothies, and um...chocolate) and enjoying time in our jammies together as a family while we listened to our church leaders. I even lucked out and got to go to the Sunday morning session, along with a spirit-filled Music and the Spoken Word, with 3 of my young women!

Conference Saturday always starts out deliciously
with chewy bagels and tasty cream cheese from Rich's in Holladay

I was so proud of all three kids; they were extra reverent this time around, even Carson. I was particularly impressed by Wyatt - he watched all four sessions, even when his big sister and little brother chose to play during some of the talks he stuck around and took notes in his notebook. In his note-taking, mostly he just wrote words or short sentences he heard, but I thought it was a great first-step into really listening and striving to retain the messages from our holy prophets. Some of his notes were so cute, I couldn't resist snapping a picture of them:
Left side: "As he spake by the mouth of His holy prophets who have been since the world began."
Ride side: "Hawaii Temple / Every young man should go on a mission. / You are field our dig. / I've never been a leader. [Remember the talk where the speaker had quoted someone as saying, "I've never been a leader."?] / To all moms and dads."

Left Side: "God's work / Art of Body / God's Temple / And his sons for many years ' run faster / what means 'family'." Right Side: "A brother's truth and trust" [ I love that he did TRUTH as 'CHROOTH' and TRUST as 'CHRUST' ]

Another page I didn't photograph says:
"Take my hand / Lets go down the path / you can start down the path of God / We LISSIN and feel HAPPY NISS / We love the Lord"

To me, the words he chose to write down speak volumes about the sprouting of a mighty testimony. This sounds totally braggy, but I say this knowing we as his parents don't have as much [if anything] to do with it as the Holy Ghost and Wyatt's free agency, which in this case was used very wisely, but I can't help but mentioning how AWESOME and POWERFUL I think he will be as an elder in the church if he continues to make such righteous decisions as he is now at age six. I learn a great deal from my son everyday (someday soon I'll post about Smiles for Service) and am grateful for the opportunity to have a spirit so sweet and so 'filled-with-a-desire-to-do-good' in my home. I am truly blessed to be his mother and to be his sister in the gospel!

We also played a game as a family that proved to be a big hit, so I'm sure we'll do it again (chocolate is an amazing motivator). To keep the drowsiness at bay, everyone picked a word and each time they heard a speaker say their word, they got an M & M. Brett didn't have anyone fooled when he chose his word to be "THE"...
Halle, goin' for another M & M....
Here are the boys scribbling their notes

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you're a good mom with a good start! Keep your shoulder to the wheel even when the wheel is heavy!
Go girl! Love ya Colette

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