Monday, October 11, 2010

on cloud 9...the birthday cloud, that is.

This is the last year my oldest child's age will be a single-digit.
Somehow it seems significant, as if this is the last year before we begin something new together.
Even her gifts seemed "older" this year.
We gave her a jewelry box,

an electronic math game (she LOVES math and is always making up equations to test us on),

a marble game she loves to play with Grandma Dixie,
and an iPod Nano and iTunes gift card from her grandparents.
(Carson had a to take a turn rockin' out...)
She asked for a tishamingo cake, and then asked if she could decorate it herself. With M&Ms.
Can you tell by the look on her face that our singing was horrendous? Man, do I love this girl!!!!!

I love the silly expression on her face.
Birthdays are the BEST!


Jen said...

Hope, I have never heard a horrendous note leave your mouth. I don't believe it!

She is SO cute! And she's getting to be so grown up. :)

What exactly is a tishamingo cake?

Hope said...

Jen - Tishamingo is a chocolate cake famous in the Kremin family. We're biased, of course, but we all agree it's the yummiest chocolate cake in the world, especially the next day. It's great warm with ice cream or a glass of milk! And personally, I like it so much better without frosting! I'll send you the recipe on FB.

P.S. It's called Tishamingo because my grandma got the recipe when she lived in Tishamingo, Oklahoma.

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