Thursday, October 14, 2010

makin' bank from the tooth fairy

See how loose Wyatt's tooth was? Literally hanging by a nasty thread for what seemed like forever! Finally I talked him into letting me yank it out (previously he'd run away if I even hinted at wanting to touch it). Before he let me try, however, he wanted to give it a go himself, twisting and pulling...

No luck. Guess we'll let Mom take over...
(with a little blood.)
Most of our pictures from this point on are fuzzy,
because if you know Wy, you know he can't sit still
if he's EXCITED about something!
"Wyatt's Mouth has a Vacancy for any
interested teeth desiring to move in..." Of course we had to call our grandmas and grandpas!
Here they are talking to Grandma K.
The ol' Tooth Fairy Doll
(the one *I* used when I was little!)
"I can't believe the Tooth Fairy only left one dollar!"
(Hmmm...unfortunately for Wyatt I heard the
First Tooth is the most valuable. It only goes
down from here, buddy...)


Jen said...

I have to know...what exactly is a tooth fairy doll?


Josh and Kristen said...

Just catching up on blog-reading! Did you pull his tooth with a floss-pick thing? Congrats Wyatt! I can't believe Halle is 9 years old! That's so crazy! I love her birthday cake, she did a great job decorating it. And, Carson with the tape measure is HI-LAR-I-OUS!!

Wonderland Girl said...

very graphic. :)

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