Friday, October 8, 2010


Last month brought the realization of a couple milestones.

One being the fact that Alison and I have been
best friends for 28 years.
I can't say that about too many people.


Brett, Al, Morgan: 3 of my favorite people ever

Another favorite person: Grandma

And the big milestone (the reason we drove to Vernal in the first place)
is the fact that my father has been on this earth for * 80 years *.
So of course we had to celebrate, but because it's DAD, we kept it low-key, just like he'd want it. A family potluck dinner with pie for dessert - because that's what Dad likes: Pie and Family.
For his birthday, everyone in the family submitted their favorite memories of Dad or what they like most about him. We put them in a book and presented at the dinner. Reading the entries brought tears and laughter - the cornerstones of a life thus far well-lived.

Danielle & Eliza
Kimball and "Harry Potter"

Halle (with a funny face) and Parker

Mark, Brett, Cassidy, & Kael
Fawn, Wendy, Paige, Calvin, & Natalie

Dad, Josh, Cal, & Carson
The day before the party, Nicky and Kye welcomed baby #2, sweet Liam.
I told her how thoughtful it was for her to time his birth so perfectly with my visit!
Halle loved the poop.
But not as much as holding him.


Nickole -n- Kye said...

Thank you so so much for posting these pictures, I've been waiting and waiting for someone to put something up. I feel I really missed out (for good reason but still). Thanks a bunch!

Heidi said...

I love your dad! He's looking good! (Wouldn't have ever guessed he's already 80!) Cute pics of your kids!

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