Friday, December 9, 2011

call me a braggart, but either way you have to admit my kid's a smarty pants.

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My youngest son is a math genius.
No, seriously, I think he's super-smart with numbers. What other barely-five-year-old have I ever heard crunch numbers after numbers whenever we're driving in the car? Some kids look out the window, some kids sing songs, some kids talk to themselves. My son verbalizes math equations.

Take today, for example:

"Mom, 5+3 = 8..."

"And then if you have 8 and subtract 3, then you have 5 again, right?"

"And 9+6=15..."

"And 6+6=....well, it's the same as if you take 3+3+3+3. It all equals 12!"
(Is this common knowledge in preschool? I think not!)

A moment later:

"So if 6+6=12 then 60+60=Twelve Hundred, because you take the two zeros from the sixties and that's the hundred!"

OK, so the math was a little off on that last one, but the LOGIC...I can totally see where he was going with that and I gotta say, even though he's my own kid and I'm being completely braggy here,

I was impressed.

Hope Sig1

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Josephine said...

FINALLY! I was lonely being the only numbers person. I can't wait until he gets a little older and we can talk about permutations, Kendall's Tau and other hoity toity things.

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