Thursday, December 8, 2011

A step back in time...

Last night we visited a live nativity in one of our very most favorite neighborhoods (Harvard & 15th East). It was recommended to us by one of our former bishops, Kevin Pinegar, and I'm so grateful he told us about it. Yes, it was chilly, but we bundled up and for the most part kept warm. I can't believe how much thought and work went into the display. An entire neighborhood and people of several faiths came together to produce one evening of a recreation of the town of Bethlehem, complete with an ancient marketplace, Roman soldiers collecting "taxes" (food donations), shepherds abiding their flocks by night, wise men travelling by camel, and of course, the beautiful stable with the babe lying in a manger. It was a lovely experience shared with some of our dearest friends, the Riches. (Thanks for driving all the way up from Utah County, Troy & Chantelle - we loved spending the evening with you and your fun boys!)

This is Mordecai, the camel.
He smelled REAL good...
* * * * *

The marketplace, where they "sold" fruit & vegetables,
wheat, linens, and animals - like chickens and goats.

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Jen said...

That's awesome! Looks like it was a pretty amazing night! :)

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