Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here we come a-caroling...

back row (l. to r.): Ryan, Keaton, Lovely, Bruce, Norris, Alec, Me
middle: Maddie, Brandon, Halle, Tanner, Samuel, Gavin, Me
(again - or Charli, rather...I'm so huge I take up the back AND middle rows!)
front: Makena, Ed, Wyatt, and Ashlyn
I love recital days!
Today was our Christmas Recital and I am so proud of my students!
They played beautifully and with dignity and made it so much fun!
After everyone performed it was picture time, which of course means a "silly picture", too:

Halle and Wyatt made my heart burst with pride! You could tell by their expressions as they played that they were really concentrating and wanted to do well. No major flubs and they both were pleased with themselves, which couldn't make me happier as their teacher OR as their mama! Way to go, kiddos! I love ya!
Halle played "Believe" from The Polar Express in a duet with our neighbor, Gavin
Wyatt played a duet with me, "Go Tell It On the Mountain"

And they both played together with a 3rd student (Ryan) in a trio piece of "We Three Kings". Duets alone can be tricky, so trios really take some focus. They did fabulously!

Hate to play favorites 'cause I have such great students all around,
but must admit, these two are my absolute FAVES! xoxo
Hope Sig1

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Jen said...

Hope, in NO way are you huge, silly girl! You are GORGEOUS!! Your hair is so beautiful. :) And if your kiddos have even a fraction of their mama's talent, I'm sure they're awesome!

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