Saturday, December 3, 2011

How old are you today, birthday boy? How many fingers?

Today was Carson's birthday. Or rather, the day we celebrated his birthday. It's actually on the 22nd, but this month gets so nuts and there's so many gifts received on the 25th, that it's just easier to celebrate it the first week of December. He's been so excited to be a "whole hand" (old enough to use all five fingers when asked his age) and I have to say he's been a great sport today since he had to share his celebratory birthday with my piano recital (not the funnest thing a 5-year old has to sit through). Here he is with his best buddy in the whole entire world, his big brother, Wyatt!
This picture was funny because he had to go the bathroom,
but I was insisting on taking the shot first.
Joke's on me since he was so uncomfortable
he couldn't give a proper smile.

We got to celebrate with 2 very good friends, Cyd and Sadie, who came over for a fun sleepover while their parents do some Christmas shopping in Salt Lake.

When we asked Carson what he wanted to do as a family for his birthday, he enthusiastically replied without hesitation: KANGAROO ZOO (a room of inflatables)

So...what is he into this year?
Star Wars, Legos, Toy Story, and...
Everyone had to have a PR ring on their "birthday cookie".
Carson says his favorite ranger is "red, then blue".

Notice the UTAH UTES wrapping paper?
He saw that at the store and insisted
we buy it for his birthday gifts!

a Power Rangers watch!

Carson, you hold such a large piece of my heart! You are my snuggle bug and I'm sad that I can't stop you from growing up at such a fast rate! You're my little buddy and I love you more than I can say!
Hope Sig1

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Jen said...

Happy birthday, Carson! Gosh, he's growing up so fast! What a handsome little guy he is. :)

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