Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 months that felt more like only 4 weeks!

Charlotte is four months old.
In some ways it seems like we just brought her
 home last week and in other ways it's hard 
to remember life before her.  
We are all still so in love!

Her neck is getting stronger every day, which is very encouraging!  We do physical therapy exercises and as much tummy time as she'll tolerate.  She can now sit up in a Bumbo seat without being too floppy, even though anything longer than 5 minutes really seems to tucker her out.  She's 15 pounds - which doesn't feel like too much unless she's in her carseat carrier.  Add the 15 pounds from that and lugging it around with her in it is becoming a great workout for me!

One day she wanted to keep me in her sight so I lay her on 
a nearby rug while I emptied the dishwasher.  
This rug is usually Ruby's "spot".  When Ruby saw 
someone else was trying to stake claim, she trotted 
her four legs right over and claimed it back, 
baby or no baby in the way!

She's still a great sleeper.  And by great I mean GRRRRREEEEAAAT!  She's a rockstar.  She's been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks.  She goes to bed around 9 p.m. and wakes up around 5:00 or 6:00.  Of course she's starving by then and I could pretty much ring out her diaper, but she's still so happy and cheerful.  She's the most patient baby on the planet.  If she's screaming for her food, it's only because I've made her wait an extra long time.  She naps twice during the day for about 1-2 hours each, once in the morning and again around 4:00 p.m.  Other than that she's pretty much awake except for the occasional 10-minute catnap.

Ruby loves hanging out next to Charlotte whenever she's on her playmat.  I don't let the dog lay on it, but Ruby settles for laying on the floor next to her.  I think she likes it because a)Ruby knows "where Charlotte is, that's where mommy is" and b) Ruby seems to enjoy listening the noises Charli's toys make as she swipes at them.

 Happy birthday to me!  Thanks to two very generous mothers, I have the cutest purse/diaper bag EVER!  It's got room for everything I need + room to spare and yet it's not huge and obnoxious.  I also love the print.  It's feminine and doesn't scream "BABY BAG".  It's vinyl-coated so it's easy to clean and comes with three different types of straps I can attach.  Thanks, Moms!

 Naturally, Charli is a Yankee fan.  
She cheers extra loud for 
Granderson, Cano, Swisher, and Teixera!
 She still eats every three hours.  You could set your watch by this girl!  She's now up to 5 oz.  I'm not going to introduce solid foods to her until her neck and upper body strength are better.  Plus, I still need to get a high chair!
Love this girl
too much to express!

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Wendy Kremin said...

She's a sweetheart for sure! That's how we felt about Nathan when he was born. We used to just watch him for entertainment. She's precious.

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