Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is my brother, Eric.  Isn't he handsome?  I love his eyes and his smile.  Charli loved him, too.  Eric's so cute with babies.  He probably wouldn't want me to say that - heck, he doesn't want me to say ANY of this.  But I just have say that he's a pretty great guy, even though I know he jokes about certain stuff just to bug me, and even though I know he must hate it when I get on my soapbox.  But that's just because deep down he knows I'm right and he's wrong.  Right, bro?  ;)

Ladies, I still can't believe this guy is on the market.  If anyone has ever dreamed of dating [marrying] a guy that's like a crusty marshmallow...tough on the outside, handy around the house, loves to be outdoors, loves to hunt, loves to camp, loves animals, and then inside that rugged cowboy exterior a man that is soft and gooey around babies, silly and fun with kids, who works hard to provide for his family, and who loves to laugh and have a good time, LOOK NO FURTHER.  Any girl would count herself lucky to have someone like my brother.  (Be warned, however.  He cheats big-time at Kings in the Corner.)

Eric, I want you to know how much it means to me and Brett that whenever we're in town you make an effort to come over to Mom's and visit with us for a while.  It means a lot that if you're in our neck of the woods, you take the time to stop by or let us have you over for the night.  I give you a lot of crap about stuff and you give me a lot of crap (a LOT OF CRAP!) about stuff, but I know you love me and I hope you know I love you.  You're a wonderful brother.  Thanks.

(one very lucky sister)

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