Friday, May 4, 2012

Scripture Power!

Something wonderful is happening at our house on Sunday mornings!  Since church doesn't start until 1:00, it can feel like a long time to entertain the children, and since I don't allow media or activities that aren't Christ-centered the options of what to do can seem limiting.  Then I saw this idea online and thought, "Why not?"  

Each child was given their own "Children's Book of Mormon" and their own "Scripture Journal".  I found some perfect ones at Target that came with a pencil holder and everything!  On each page of the scripture journal are labels with questions about each story in the Book of Mormon.  I included pictures from the "Children's Book of Mormon" to help the kids understand exactly where they need to look to find the answer to the question.  Some questions are directly answered by studying the book, and others are thought-provoking, like, "The Nephites armed themselves to fight the Lamanites.  What can you do to arm yourself against Satan?", etc.  It took a bit of time to prepare but if anyone is interested in the labels I'm happy to email the word document to you.  The labels are really what took the time.  

I wasn't sure if the kids would take to it or not, but they LOVE it!  I don't even have to ask them to do it.  Each Sunday I find them doing it on their own, particularly Wyatt.  He's often the one that gets the other kids started on it.

I'm grateful for the internet and the opportunity it gives people to exchange ideas.  I don't know if I would have thought of this on my own, and it has turned out to be a blessing in our lives!  It gives the kids something to do, helps them really THINK about the scriptures and how they can apply the principles to their own lives today, and best of all prompted many spiritual discussions at our house and opportunities for sharing testimonies.  LOVING IT!
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Whit said...

I would love this! Awesome idea!!!
will you send it to me?

Erin said...

I love this idea! I obviously wouldn't be using this for a few years, but would you send it to me anyway?

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