Friday, May 4, 2012

How would I describe our most recent recital? Animato, Capriccioso, & Giocoso

After a 4-month break, my piano students and I reunited for a Student-Only recital and party at my house.  I had given them each a folder of songs to work on, and then they had to play one song they had selected from the folder and taught themselves.  The songs weren't perfect, but I had to give them all big pats on the back as they played pretty darn close to perfection.  A great accomplishment considering they had no teacher instructing them or helping them, they'd learned them all on their own!  What fabulous kids!

Ashlyn had worn her BYU Cougar hat, so of course Gavin rushed right home so he could don a rival one.  It was BYU vs. U of U the entire afternoon!
 Before their performances, we played a board game where the teams had to answer trivia questions about famous composers or review important Theory.  It was a lot of fun, and they even asked to play a 2nd time!

 The kids had such a great time together - it was a great opportunity to just be relaxed together and just enjoy music.  At one point they all boogied down and I had to get a shot of their fab moves!

At the end we tallied up some music points they had earned.  They earned points by learning songs on their own, attending or participating in performances, and practicing every day.  We had four fun prizes, like movies, treats, bouncy balls, CDs, manuscript paper, ceramic music mugs, and even iTunes gift cards.  I'm pleased to report that Halle won the grand prize for most overall points!  She really earned it and I'm very proud of her!

It was a wonderful afternoon, full of laughter, smiles, and great performances!  Definitely "Animato, Capriccioso, & Giocoso" (Animated, Fanciful, and Playful)!
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