Thursday, July 23, 2009

glimpses of a grown-up, or maybe even better.

My mother-in-law is an incredible grandmother. She makes each grandchild feel like the most important and interesting person in the world. On occasion (a couple times each year) she sets aside 24 hours of her busy schedule for a grandchild to experience one-on-one time (spoilage time) on a "Special Day with Grandma". Yesterday was Halle's. I had been a bit concerned, because as the days got closer, Halle kept talking about all the things she had planned for this day. I noticed quite a bit of it sounded a bit greedy and extreme. We had a sit-down and discussed what this special day was all about--TIME with Grandma, which meant many possible activities might not cost any money, but could be the most worthwhile (like taking a walk, or knitting side-by-side (Dixie is teaching Halle to knit). Also that it was Grandma's special job to plan it, not Halle's, even though Grandma might ask for suggestions on what to do.

After Halle spent the night there, I called this morning to see how things had gone. Halle answered the phone. She filled me in on all their exciting activities (again, major spoilage!), but what made me the most proud was her reply when I asked her if she slept in the guest room:

"Yep, I slept in there. Don't worry, Mom. Before I came down for breakfast I made the bed. It looks awesome."

She sounded so mature. Perhaps I should not have been surprised, but the fact that she would recognize the importance of being a thoughtful and responsible guest caught me off-guard. I mean, that may seem an insignificant chore to some, but we've had ADULT guests in our home who have thoughtlessly left their offered bedroom untidy and the bed unmade. Not only does it show ingratitude but also laziness. Is my baby girl getting old enough to do such things that some adults don't even consider?

Finally, when I asked her if she'd had good manners, she said (I could practically hear her eyes rolling as she spoke):

"Yes, Mom. I haven't said my big thank you yet, though. I'm saving it for when she brings me home."

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