Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tantrum, hissy-fit, meltdown...

Whatever you call it, it ain't pretty and Carson's the King of it! We've never had a real fit-thrower before. Sure, every kid has their moments of loud protest and frustration, but Hal and Wy can't compare to King Carson! He takes the cake...and if you make him mad enough he'll probably throw it in your face, too.
I wanted to have proof of his ridiculously angry tantrums, so that someday when I'm grandmother to his children and he's coming to me for advice about their public outbursts, I can show him these pictures and say, "Don't look at me. They got it from you!"

Usually, if I frown, pick him up and place him in his room for time out and ignore him, within 10 minutes, he will approach me on his own, calm & repentant. Sometimes I can even just say, "Oh, is that what you're going to do? Very well then, throw your tantrum and let's get it over with" and it will quickly bring him to his senses. It's funny...he'll go from rage ("Get away from me!", he'll yell. "Leave me alone!") back to being the sweetest, funniest kid. There are definitely two sides to this coin!

But some weeks ago he'd been especially devoted to his breakdowns and I think he set a new record.
Non-stop screaming, crying, and the occasional foot stomp. Forty-five minutes. That's right...just shy of an HOUR. In a store. Yes, it was such a relaxing, enjoyable outing.

It was a shoe store, which we know is all-too enticing for a 2-year old, unresistable to "touching" and "rearranging". So when we'd gotten out of the car, before going in I put him in a stroller. That's what set him off. I didn't want to take him in like that, so I waited outside for 15 minutes. When it was teeth-gratingly clear he wasn't going to give in, I had to decide to leave or shop. I know it was selfish, but I really, really, REALLY wanted new shoes and the sale they were having was only going to last another week, and I just didn't know if I'd have a chance to make it back before it ended since I've been so busy with my church calling and my upcoming piano recital. So...there's my lame excuse, but yes. I took my tantrum-throwing child into the store anyway. So sue me! I took in the complete package: blotchy-red face, runny nose, and all, including the occasional sticking out of the tongue and protesting raspberry-spurt directed at none other than yours truly.

The only blessing was that I was the only customer in the store except for a mere five minutes, during which time I made a personal apology to the other patron (who, by the way, smiled and insisted she completely understood but left five minutes later nonetheless). I tried 'reasoning with' (bribing) him: "When you can stop yelling and crying, I have some fruit snacks in my purse for you." All I'd get in reply was a sour, "No!" The clerk was very kind about it and even offered to help, trying to make suggestions to Carson like, "If you stop crying I have a sticker for you." I think she finally realized she wasn't making anymore headway with him than I was when Carson threw his shoe at her head and barely missed.

It wasn't until I was paying for my shoes when a tiny voice, heard from a couple aisles over (as I had no desire to bring my terribly picked-on child up to the register at the front) said matter-of-factly and in a tone that gave absolutely no indication that the past three-quarters of an hour had even existed,
"Mommy, I'm ready for my fruit snacks now. And my sticker."


Tif said...

Okay, that was way too funny to read about considering I totally relate! Though, I realize that it was anything but funny for you at the time.

The other day as I tried to keep my four kids out of chaos while I waited in line at the post office with five other patrons, I had two moms just smile at me and tell me that they remember "those days."

I think anyone who has ever been a parent understands and has had one of "those days" themselves.

Emily said...

Love it!!! I admire your sense of humor on life... and your challenging little man. I used to be one of those people who thought-"why can't they just control their kids!" However, after a similar experience... I have a new outlook on life. lol!

LaFawnda said...

OK I think it was mom who told me of a lady who sat right down in the aisle of a store, and pretended to cry. She kicked her feet, flailed her arms, and TOTALLY HUMILIATED her children by throwing a fit. Then she stood up and said, "Are you kids ready to behave and shop or shall we go home?"
I LOVE that story.

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Thomas Jefferson