Monday, July 6, 2009

the pieces are finally coming together...

Wyatt to Halle as we pass the new elementary school that is under construction in our neighborhood:
"Halle, I see your school!
It has lots of pieces to it."

I love how in his little 4 1/2-year old brain he sees the building as something akin to a puzzle coming together. Now that it's nearing completion, he can see all the different "pieces"!

This picture is already outdated. They now have a parking lot and sidewalk. I looked at pictures of the school online and it is AWESOME! Not only is it big, but it's also got the latest technology, etc. I especially love how they are painting the walls bold colors since studies have shown that students learn better in colorful rooms as opposed to those with plain white walls. Bring on the color!

Halle is excited to WALK to school or ride her bike come fall. Having a school so close is going to be a big blessing--it's only about 2-3 blocks away. Kids like it because they can go there themselves. Moms love it because their babies are close by.

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