Monday, July 13, 2009

snips 'n snails 'n puppy dog tails...

My boys are funny. They say things that make me laugh out loud. A few weeks ago they played while I worked in the yard. As I planted day lilies, I spotted a wriggly, squiggly worm. Pointing it out to the boys, I watched their imagination and wonder take flight.
"Let's name it," Wyatt said.

"Let's name it Fred," Carson said, as though
he'd been prepared in advance to offer a wormly moniker.
And thus, Fred became the sole heir of their undivided
attention for
the next twenty minutes. At least until
Fred became wary
of their poking and pinching and dug
itself (himself?) to
safety in the cool, brown earth.
And then Fred was gone, but by then,
so were the boys.
Off to fight pirates on the boulders of the flower bed.

Hope Sig1

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