Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Get it together, baby"

So the other night we went out to dinner. Wyatt has been begging us to go to Applebees, stated how much he "loves" it there. Interesting, since we're sure he's probably been there at some point during his 3 1/2 years on earth, but it's been long enough we can't remember when. What's the deal with Wyatt and Applebees??? Anyway, back to the real reason I'm blogging.

As we're pulling into the parking lot, Halle belts out as if she was a voiceover for a commercial,
"Applebees: Get it together, baby!"

The kids both bust up into laughter.

Astonished, I ask, "What did you just say?"

She says matter-of-factly, "Get it together, baby! I saw it on TV!"

Good grief!

I think we need to reconsider how much television she is allowed to watch!


Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

that is hilarious. remember when cydnie started yelling, "It's my money and i want it now!"

Annie said...

ha ha! It's crazy what kids pick up.

Todd & Briana said...

Hi Hope. I ran across your blog. Obviously you don't live in Arizona anymore :) It looks like you guys are having a great time. I saw your 10 year reunion pictures. That is really awesome. Its funny to see how everyone has changed.

The Hoopers said...

Yeah, kids hear EVERYTHING! Just this morning my kids were singing the Maytag store jingle. Then they were soooo impressed when I told them we actually have a few Maytags!

Brynn said...

So where do you live now? Thanks so much for the congrats! I'm so excited and yet so scared! But it will be a great adventure! I LOVE applebees! It sounds like your kids are adorable!
Thanks again!

Jaime and Jon said...

Hi Hope,
It's Jaime Lewis (Atkin),(I hope you remember me) I found you from Tami's blog. I feel like I'm snooping but it is fun to see updated pics of people from high school. Cute blog.
Ours is jaimeandjonatkin.blogspot.com

Monica said...

Hi Hope! I have been reading your blog for a while now. (I found it through Alison's.) I thought I would just drop you a quick hi! Your family is adorable. Take care!
Monica (Bigler) Gilbert

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