Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lovely in the Limelight

Halle & Her Director/Acting Class Teacher
February 15th was Halle's debut on the Big White Way. Perhaps it wasn't Broadway, but to us it felt pretty darn close! Here are some pictures of her oh-so-convincing portrayal of "Princess Brooke", the younger sister of the princess whom the frog is trying to reform.
Halle & One of her Castmates

Halle loved getting flowers from both her grandparents!
We enrolled Halle in acting classes for two reasons: 1) We feel it's important each child have something they do that is just "theirs". Something they can feel good about. And 2) Any chance of "channelling" her dramatics into something other than every day life at home is a chance worth taking (so far not seeing much help in this area, but we'll keep trying!) ha ha

We were so proud! As much as we joke around about her being a Drama Queen, I do have to brag a bit and say that she really did quite well. Very, very well! She spoke confidently and loudly, faced the audience with a smile, and knew her lines well (in addition to everyone else's, whom she eagerly "helped" (even if they didn't need it) by whispering (loudly) in their ear "Say [this]..."). She definitely enjoys center stage and the limelight!


Luke&Jen said...

How fun!! Halle sure is a beautiful little princess!

Tif said...

She did a great job! Thanks so much for inviting us to come see. My girls still talk about going to see "The Frog Prince." They think Halle is famous!

LaFawnda said...

We thought Halle was the best princess ever. (always knew she was a princess). We are so impressed at her memorizing and singing, and thanks Halle for waving at us really small, no one saw but us and we LOVED LOVED LOVED your play.
Love Aunt Fawn and Uncle Mike!!!!

Josh and Kristen said...

How cute! It looks like a lot of fun. Keep posting pictures of upcoming plays! (I am glad you caught your mouse, by the way!)

The Hoopers said...

Halle is growing up!!! What a little princess. So cute!

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