Monday, March 24, 2008

We had a very "Hoppy" Easter Weekend!

I thought I'd share a slide show of the Taft family's 2008 Easter festivities. Like many families, our Easter Saturday and Sunday were jam-packed with fun activities with our families. Saturday morning found us in Vernal, where we enjoyed hunting for eggs at Aunt Laurie's house with Kristen's kids. There were over 70 eggs! It was especially fun to pet and hold Kristen and Josh's new "baby"...a genuine Easter Bunny! We drove back home Saturday afternoon, following a delicious spread of Mom's BBQ pork sandwiches, Laurie's fruit salad, Colette's green salad and strawberry shortcake. On Sunday, the kids seemed to have great lessons in primary about Christ and His ultimate sacrifice for us. Both of them brought home neat hand-outs or pictures and they each were able to share quite a bit from their lessons. So to their teachers, I say THANK YOU for helping my children develop testimonies about their Savior's love for them! After church we found we'd had a visitor while we were attending our church meetings...the big "hopper" himself! The kids enjoyed finding their baskets with all their goodies...surprisingly enough the favored "treat" were the new toothbrushes! Funny story for those that don't mind a bit of colorful language... Wyatt was so excited to get Peeps marshmallows. They were chicks. Well, he says his "k" sounds like a "T", so when he pulled them out of his basket he triumphantly held them in the air and shouted, "Yeah! I got schits! I got schits! Want me to share my schits with you?" Ya gotta love those "Schits" peeps! Zipping over to Grandma Dixie's for dinner, she had a special appetizer. A craft! The kids made egg-collecting baskets out of milk cartons (I remember doing this in 5th Grade with Mrs. Erskine!). Then they adventured into the back yard where they each found their eggs. They had to look for certain colors. For example, Halle had to find only pink eggs, Wyatt blue, and Carson purple. Sometimes the eggs had treats in them. Other times there was a special note from the bunny telling them they could pick a prize from Grandma's basket. John and Dixie made a fabulous dinner with Honeybaked Ham, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and Orange rolls. Later we indulged in carrot cake that literally melted in your mouth, courtesy of Lindsay! Halle had gotten Enchanted in her basket, so we popped that in. Grandma and Grandpa Bauerle even stayed to watch it and I dare say liked it! By the time we got home, the kids were sugared-out, egg-searching-out, and flat out tuckered out! Here's some pictures of our Easter Adventures:

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Tif said...

Looks like tons of fun! I'm glad you had such a great Easter and got to see both sides of the family!

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