Friday, March 7, 2008

An SVU Comeback!

I'm probably the biggest dork for writing this post, and you're all going to think I'm a TV-junkie. But just ask Brett...I actually watch very little television. Except for my two favorite shows, The Office and Law & Order: SVU, I really don't care much about the big black box adorning our entertainment center. But when it comes to SVU, I admit it..I'm a little obsessed! I'm an SVU freak! I guess you could say that I-am-to-"SVU" like Brett-is-to-"24"!
So now, the countdown has begun! Just a little over a month to go! A new episode of my favorite TV Drama is airing April 15th. Like most of our favorites, Law & Order: SVU was put on hold due to the writer's strike this winter. I was really feeling cheated because my two favorite stars have only signed on to finish up thru next year, at which point I believe the plan is for them to exit the show. So here I am already bummed that our time with their characters is limited and then with the strike it was cut even shorter! As relieved as I was that the strike was resolved (for now anyways) I had assumed NBC was "done" for this season and that new episodes would not resume until Season 10 began in the fall. How happy I was to be wrong! So set your TiVOs and DVRs for Tuesday, April 15th at 9:00 p.m. MST for what seems to be a promising episode!
(Maybe I should put one of those "countdown" clocks on my block, if nothing else but to verify how much of a nerd I am!)

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