Saturday, May 22, 2010

fun to do lunch, especially with dear friends!

To make my birthday EXTRA special, fate graced me with a visit from my dear AZ pal, Amanda. She is up for her sister's wedding and was kind enough to make time for lunch with our kids. It was a blast to enjoy a Rumbi salad then watch the kids romp through the Liberty Park at high play. (See the hat? Unfortunately with my new goal to exercise every day, the hat has become a permanent fashion accessory...)
Wyatt and Megan twirling round and round...

Halle and Taylor, the little monkeys!
My sweet buddy Emily - check out that grin! Lest you think I had anything to do with that, that adorable smile only came on because her favorite mommy was behind the camera making silly sounds!
Saying their goodbyes with hugs!
Now we'll have to plan a trip to San Diego to visit them in their new house...
And there's Carson, who played on the slide pretty much the entire time we were there.

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