Friday, May 14, 2010

pockets & popsicle sticks: the solution to all my parenting woes???

This was yesterday's project: Behavior Pockets.

I made it in an attempt to curb the yelling, sassing, whining, and negativity that has been present in our home a little too much lately. Anytime the kids are demonstrating poor behavior, their stick gets moved to a pocket to the right. If they get to a red pocket, they begin to lose privileges. If the kids can go two weeks without getting two reds, we do a family activity, such as getting ice cream or going for a family bike ride, etc.

So far it seems to be working. If nothing else it gives me something to fall back on rather than resorting to red-faced high volume or threats of eminent death. ;)

And a big shout out to my pal, Margaret, for letting me borrow HER idea in the first place and helping me with the details!

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Stacy said...

Love this! I need to try something so I am not feeling like I'm yelling all the time.

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