Thursday, May 13, 2010

let's go fly a kite! (Easter & General Conference '10)

We had a beautiful Easter and Conference this April.
We enjoyed hunting for eggs with both sets of grandparents and cousins,
visiting the Dinosaur Museum, watching Conference, and flying giant kites!
Halle & Grandpa John did a great job getting that butterfly
up in the air, even with very little wind!
"High-five, Cuz!"
Aunt Heidi and Baby Avaree
Grandma Dixie's new chickens!
Celebrating SPRING at a school classroom party!
Halle with two of her favorite classmates,
Logan & good ol' what's-her-face
Huntin' eggs at Grandma K.'s church,
but first: time for lunch...Happy Meals!
Benson cracked me up because he was not about to get
his hands dirty holding greasy chicken nuggets.
So he carefully wrapped each one up into a napkin to eat it!
Relieved the Easter Bunny found us all the way out in Vernal,
and excited to watch our new "Princess & The Frog" movie!
Wyatt lovin' his new pocket-size Primary Children's Songbook
Mr. Cool
Always fun to play at Grandma's!
playing things like
Cars and Ramps,
& Play-Doh!
This was the park I remember going to most
when I was a kid. Makes me feel nostalgic...
It was fun to watch "Annie", Grandma's robot
vacuum go around doing her chores...

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!
Digging for bones at the Dinosaur Museum

I was so proud of my kids and how reverent and quiet
they were during Conference. Halle and Wyatt even took notes!
Li'l Beethoven playing around
on Aunt Fawn's Pianoforte
Conference Brunch at Fawn's. YUM!
Dad with his standard 'thumbs up' I thought this platter was so cute!

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